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Basset-Hound's News

Posted by Basset-Hound - October 19th, 2018

Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted on newgrounds (I still visit the site every day for over 20 years now though!).

I'm happy to announce that I am working on a very cool game called Jitsu Squad™. You can check out the facebook page here:

The game is inspired by the good old  Arcade Brawlers such as Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Alien vs Predator but also of course Newgrounds' very own Castle Crashers. I am responsible for the animation, sound design & music, we have been working on this game for over 2 years now in our free time we are happy to finally share what we have been up to.

You can check out some of the screenshots of the game here:


Here is a short music preview:

Be sure to follow us on facebook to keep up with the latest updates. I won't be able to post everything here because of the post limit: https://www.facebook.com/Tanuki-Creative-Studio-124037998302651/ Cheers!! Sebastien



Posted by Basset-Hound - May 1st, 2017

Hello Newgrounds! It's been a long time since I've posted something, but here is something new I made. My latest surreal short film: Requiem. I will post the soundtrack online soon!


Story, Direction, Camera, Edit, Sound & Music: Sebastien Romero
Acting: Tarek Rammo
Narration: Rory Tol
Matte Painting & Special Effects: Julien Romero
Additional Particle Tests: Rodney Rusland

Featuring the opera track "La Realta Rimane" 
Performed by Nadine El Seragy & the West European Symphony Orchestra
Composed and Arranged by Sebastien Romero 
Lyrics by Hayat Selim

Posted by Basset-Hound - July 22nd, 2016

So I followed a 3 day masterclass about film music by horror composer Christopher Young, as an assignment we had to create some music based on the intro visuals from Drag me To Hell so I came up with this. Learned so much in the three days.

Posted by Basset-Hound - June 22nd, 2016

Yo Newgrounds,

It's been a while but I'm posting more stuff here again. Last week I made this 13 minute over the top track for a lightshow here in the netherlands:

Also check out my other latests uploads:


And there's more to come soon!

Posted by Basset-Hound - June 7th, 2016

Did all the music, sound design and editing myself, all footage is from the original Godzilla Film.  At 0:37 and 0:47 you can also hear a Godzilla roar which I made the same way as they did in the original one by recoring a couple of Double Bass takes and speeding it up.


Posted by Basset-Hound - July 20th, 2015



Requiem - Trailer Sebastien Romero Vimeo


Hello Newgrounders, it's been a while since I posted here. When i started out here on newgrounds around 10 years ago I was making animations, a few years later I started making games, some years later I was making music and now the time has come that I'm making movies :P

Right now I'm following a study for making (film) music, and on the side I'm taking jobs linked to film such as cinematographer etc. To think what kind of impact Newgrounds had on my life, because of Newgrounds I started animating and because of Newgrounds I was able to make money making games, to buy new instruments to learn.

Right now I'm working on a new short film (the trailer above the text) and I starteda crowdfunder for it because my wallet is getting empty. Feel free to support me any way you like (or not) by donating or spreading the video around.
You can find the crowdfunder here: 


I do almost everthing myself except for the acting, so I'm doing the writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, sound design and the music. I recently did the same for this movie: 



Thanks Newgrounds :)




Posted by Basset-Hound - January 27th, 2015

I was working on this new song when suddenly the file crashed so I had to work with the bounced temp track I had left  , oh well I still decided it was worth uploading even though it is not fully complete or mixed.

Posted by Basset-Hound - December 7th, 2014

Recently I've been creating some new music, this time for a 3 minute short created by Deremix.

Check out the short and feel free to give him all the support he needs :)

Also I'll probably post less music here on Newgrounds,because you can't remove the free download button which I would like to do for some of my songs. If you would like to be updated with ALL my latest tracks ad movies you can subscribe to my facebook channel: https://www.facebook.com/sebastienromeromusic

I feel pretty bad about this, but if the download song function would be optional in the audio portal then I would keep posting everything on here.



Posted by Basset-Hound - October 17th, 2014




Posted by Basset-Hound - August 29th, 2014


My entry for the 48 hour film project in Rotterdam. I won the awards for Best Music and Best Cinematography so that's not too bad for a first try :)
I also got nominated for Best Editing, Audience Award and Best Film

It's a contest where you and your team need to create a shot film within 48 hours given a specific genre, prop, character name and line.

I shot most of the film at night and I recorded the music at daytime while also editing and writing scripts.
All the light is done with either natural light or a simple flashlight.