Entry #41

My latest short film "Requiem" now online!

2017-05-01 15:11:33 by Basset-Hound

Hello Newgrounds! It's been a long time since I've posted something, but here is something new I made. My latest surreal short film: Requiem. I will post the soundtrack online soon!


Story, Direction, Camera, Edit, Sound & Music: Sebastien Romero
Acting: Tarek Rammo
Narration: Rory Tol
Matte Painting & Special Effects: Julien Romero
Additional Particle Tests: Rodney Rusland

Featuring the opera track "La Realta Rimane" 
Performed by Nadine El Seragy & the West European Symphony Orchestra
Composed and Arranged by Sebastien Romero 
Lyrics by Hayat Selim


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