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Nice movie to start a discussion over. I really liked the animation style, it was fresh and original. As for the message... is you making this movie and uploading it to Newgrounds not a cry for attention?
Is this review I'm writing and the ones below me not a cry for attention? Social media is a really obvious way to see it, but its been this way since the beginning of mankind because we are species that survive best in groups.

Awesome animation style, I really loved it, everything was well drawn and the angles you chose where also very professional. The only thing that slowed down the pace was the lack of music.
If you want I can do some music for your next cartoon.

Perfect story and animation.
The pacing, the lenght, the jokes. That's TV quality work right here

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A game you could only have dreamed of making.

The Urban Champ level was the first thing that really took me back into nostalgia land, I never realized how cool the music in that one was until now.
To have created a game like this is a lifetime achievement. 30 years from now you will look back at this and feel well deserved pride.

Abobo responds:

Thanks, love hearing that you enjoyed it, thanks for the bug report too :-D

Awesome Idea

Its a great game but it has one really big flaw in it.
I could just spin the clock without stopping and no ninja got inside.
Try adding difficulity by adding smarter ninja´s instead of just more.
Like ninja´s that actually avoid you.
But I must say that it was a fun game :)

CrazyChihuahua responds:

Ya, I get what you're saying, it can get easy in that regard. I appreaciate the review and suggestions.

Retro games are awesome!

This game was awesome and reminded me of the good old times.
Good things:
Great style
Good engine no bugs and stuff
Simple yet addictive

Bad things:
The music could have been a little better.
The difficulity could be a bit harder.

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Reminds me of the Kingdom Hearts OST, would go great in game menu

Tremulos responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Really awesome work, the drums work really well for 8-bit. The only little thing that bothered me was the reverb on the main melody. I think having no reverb/echo on it would give the piece an even more 8-bit retro vibe.
But other then that, the song is quality work be it the original version or the 8-bit one.

One of the best songs...

This is one of the best songs in the audio portal.
How come the score is so low?
I guess there are some retards on Newgrouns who only vote good on video game parodies.
Anywayz I´m gonna use this in my flash.
I will let you know when its finished and give you full credit for the music.

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Amazing textures and well defined shapes. Would love to see this animated.

You keep on impressing me man. Very inspiring work!

Great Art! Just like all the other White Noise pieces, the composition is outstanding


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